Same Shinpads Since 20 Years - Kit Talk With Ander Herrera

English Premier League club Manchester United has started a very interesting new series in which they ask their players about the secrets of their boots, jerseys and other gear. The first player to answer Man Utd's questions was Ander Herrera, who amongst other revealed that he has been wearing the same shin pads since he was eight years old.

Kit Talk: Ander Herrera

Here is the full interview of Ander Herrera in which he also revealed that he does not need custom boots.

Why do you wear things in a certain way, such as long sleeves or your shirt tucked in?

I like to play just with the shirt but, sometimes, when it's too cold, I put a base layer on – the long-sleeved shirt underneath. I don't like to put anything on the parts around the pants or socks. I don't like to put too much on. I like to play free with not too many clothes.

Do you have specific boots made for you?
No, I am not so strange with my boots. The only thing is I cannot play with boots I just wore for the first time. I need to wear them in for at least one week before I play in them.

Do you even wear them around the house at first to get used to them?
No, in training. I need to train three, four or five times in them before playing. I would never go into a game in brand new ones as I'd never play well.

So you don't have any specific designs or personalization?
I just put 'Ander' on my boots. I don't like to put too much on. I am a bit 'classical'.

Are your shinpads simple, classic ones as well?
I have a good story with my shinpads. I have had the same shinpads since I was eight or nine years old. Everyone laughs in the dressing room because of them but I am superstitious with that. I like to keep playing with them until they are completely battered.

Do you have any other superstitions?
No, not too many. No, just the shinpads.

Is there a story behind the number you wear?
I used to like no.8 but, when I went to Athletic Club, no.8 was for another player. So I had to decide between 23 or 21. I decided on 21 and had a very good time in Bilbao so I kept the same number here in United. And, so far so good, I will keep it.

Do you have a favorite United shirt from years gone by?
Of course, everyone remembers the Treble kit. It was fantastic with the collar, like a polo, and I like it very much.

Do you swap shirts with opposing players?
I used to like to change my shirt with players I have played with so that is the only thing I do.

Do you plan to do anything with them in the future, perhaps after you've retired?
I am saving them in a big bag so I like to sometimes get them out and see them.

Do you also stick to your shinpads such as many pro players including Messi and Iniesta? Let us know in the comments below.
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