2016 FIFA Team of the Year Boots Battle

With much fanfare, FIFA in collaboration with FIFPro today unveiled its official 2016 Team of the Year. As always, we want to take a look at which boots dominate this most illustrious of lineups featuring players of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid.

2016 FIFA World 11 - Football Boots

This image shows the 2016 FIFA Team of the Year and their respective football boots.

Dominated by the Spanish giants, the 2016 FIFA World 11 includes no less than five players from Real Madrid and four from Barcelona. Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and Juventus right back Dani Alves, who himself only just left Barcelona this season, complete the offense-oriented selection.

It's even more evenly split from a brand standpoint. Neither Adidas or Nike is dominates the lineup, with the former having five to the latter's six players. No other brands feature, as one would expect.

Are you happy with the team, chosen by professional footballers from all over the world? Comment below.
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