First Adidas Glitch 2017 Boots Leaked?

Is Adidas set to release a silver outer skin for its interchangeable Adidas Glitch soccer cleat soon? Courtesy of Adidas employee Marco Müller, this Glitch outer skin boasts a similar look as Adidas Euro 2016 boots pack.

Adidas Glitch 'Mercury Edition' - Silver / Core Black

This is the one-off MM colorway of the Adidas Glitch.

Featuring the same look as the Adidas Euro 2016 boot collection, the Adidas Glitch Mercury edition looks like the X PureChaos but features the tech of the likely biggest Adidas footwear innovation, the Glitch.

Unlike all other Adidas Glitch outer skins, the Mercury Glitch outer skin is not available for anyone and an one-off edition for Adidas employee Marco Müller.

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