Full Juventus Logo History Revealed

Juventus yesterday revealed an all-new logo that will be used on their kits from the 2017-18 season. It is not the first time that the Italian giants completely changed the look of their crest as a look at the history of the team's crest reveals.

Juventus Logo History

Here all are logos Juventus used in their 120-years history.

Founded in 1897 by a group of high school students, Juventus made their first match in 1900 wearing a pink and black kit, taken from the uniforms used by the students in their high school. However, the current shirt design, was introduced in 1903 and in 1905 the first emblem of the club was designed. It was dichromatic with a white belt bearing a Latin inscription, the motto of the club, a famous quote of Paolo di Tarso, a Christian theologian from the 1st century: “Non coronabitur nisi qui legitimecertaverit” meaning “He does not receive the crown, he who does not play by the rules”.

In the following decades, Juventus' crest was changed regularly, while the biggest change was made in 1979 when the club adopted the black silhouette of a rampant zebra, with diagonal white stripes as their logo. Juventus reverted that change in 1990 and updated their crest for the last time in 2004 before yesterday's radical identity update.

How do you like the new Juventus logo compared to the old ones? Let us know in the comments below and find out more about the club's logo history.