REVEALED: Adidas Paul Pogba Boots Collection Restocked

Update: Adidas has restocked three items of the first-ever Paul Pogba signature collection, including the cutting-edge laceless Adidas Ace PureControl Pogba 17+ PureControl soccer boot. It is not known yet why Adidas made them available again six weeks after they sold out. It is most likely that various buyers sent them back, either because the boots were not fitting or because they could not make profit reselling them.

The first-ever Adidas Paul Pogba collection was released yesterday. The collection includes a ton of luxurious-looking on- and off-pitch products, and the pricing of some of them is not cheap, to say the least.

The Prices of Some Adidas Paul Pogba Collection Items are Questionable

The Paul Pogba Bomber Jacket retails at 250 USD.

While the price of the Adidas Ace PureControl 17+ Paul Pogba collection is reasonable (330 USD compared to 300 USD for standard colorways), there are several pieces included in the collection that do not only stand out because of their design but also because of their price tag.

The New Era Paul Pogba cap that retails at 45 Euro, the not high-end Paul Pogba ball that is available for 65 Euro as well as the Adidas Paul Pogba Bomber Jacket (245 Euro) and the Adidas Paul Pogba Backpack (145 Euro).

However, as Adidas only released very limited numbers of each item, the most products of the stunning black and golden collection are already sold out.

Do you think the Adidas Paul Pogba collection is overpriced? Let us know in the comments below.
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