Adidas Paul Pogba Season 1 Collection Revealed

The first-ever Adidas Paul Pogba signature boots were released this morning. Let's take a closer look at the accompanying on- and off-pitch collection the three-stripe brand will drop on January 17.

Part of the so-called Adidas Paul Pogba Capsule collection, the items show a similar set of colors and designs as the Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl Pogba signature cleats. They feature the new Pogba logo and are inspired by the Manchester United superstar's upbringing in Paris.

Adidas Tango Pogba Graphic Player Shirt

Adidas Pogba Bomber Jacket

Adidas Pogba Football

Adidas Pogba Cap

Adidas Tango Pogba Graphic Shirt

Adidas Tango Pogba Shirt

Adidas Pogba Hoodie

Which of the items from the first-ever Adidas Pogba collection do you like the most? Drop us a line below.