Who is Who? Insane Kit Clash in English Championship

Championship club Wolves released two jerseys this season. A traditional orange and black home strip as well as a striking glow green away kit. The differences between those two shirts are already not optimal, and as the club released no other jersey this season there was a pretty insane kit clash yesterday that was lost by Wolves with 3-1 against Norwich.

'Kit Clash' Between Norwich and Wolves

This is an image from the match, highlighting the very similar kits.

Norwich's home kit traditionally consists of a yellow shirt, green socks and yellow shorts. So Wolves could not wear their home shirt, and chose their away kit that was only slightly better suited. Therefore, it was easy to confuse players of both teams. However, the kit clash would have been quite easy to prevent as Wolverhampton Wanderers could have used their blue away kit of last season to avoid the clash.

Would this have happened in the Premier League? Share your thoughts on the incident in the comments below.