At Last Minute - Middlesbrough Restore Old Kit to Avoid Premier League Kit Clash

Yesterday, it looked like that there would be a kit clash in the Premier League today as the official Twitter account of the league announced that Middlesbrough would wear their navy away kit against Crystal Palace. However, the league noticed that there would be a big kit clash on the way and managed to avoid the clash at the last minute, with Middlesbrough's help.

Middlesbrough Uses Old 15-16 Away Kit to Avoid Kit Clash Against Crystal Palace

Middlesbrough's old-season's away jersey was prepared just a few hours ahead of the match.

Middlesbrough just released two new kits ahead of the season, one quite traditional red, white and blue home kit and a stunning navy and blue away jersey, while they registered no other kit for the season. This has not been a problem until today when they were forced to choose a suitable kit for the match at Crystal Palace.

In fact, Premier League even first allowed the club to use their navy away jersey against Crystal Palace (see aboves image), before the league noticed their error and required the Premier League club to use their yellow and navy away kit of last season, which was prepared for the match just a few hours ahead of the kick-off.

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