Fake Juventus 17-18 Home Kit Leaked

Now is usually the time of the year that the first leaks of next season's shirts appear. This is not the case this year, bar from a few exceptions, and in part this is due to efforts from brands to keep their confidential designs just that - confidential.

More than before, the fake jersey producers refrain to base their designs on the many concepts that are floating around online. Although often grounded on facts, these "predictions" cannot predict the final look with certainty for obvious reasons.

Fake Juventus 17-18 Home Kit

This is NOT how the Juventus 2017-18 home kit will look like.

Quite obviously based on the prediction created by @La_Bianconera that first surfaced late last year, this Juventus shirt is not one of the better fakes around. It's quite clear from the first look that it was not produced with the high standards of an Adidas facility, i.e. on the brand logo on the right chest.

Apart from that, as mentioned above, it is unlikely that a prediction like this will be so close to the final design. The look of the new Juventus logo is also different from what we saw when the club offered an early glimpse at it last month.

Would you like the Juventus 17-18 jersey to look like this? Drop us a line below, and check out all the 2017-2018 shirt leaks in the Kit Overview.
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