Falcao Wears Blackout Boots vs Manchester City

Back on the biggest stage in today's Champions League encounter with Manchester City, rejuvenated Monaco striker Radamel Falcao caught the eyes of many boot spotters by wearing a pair of blacked-out boots. But what was he wearing exactly? Let's find out.

Falcao's Blackout Boots vs Manchester City

This is a close-up of the soccer boots worn by Radamel Falcao vs Manchester City.

As more experience cleat aficionados will know, Falcao was signed to Puma before he started wearing blacked-out boots starting in the beginning of the current season. To be exact, Falcao is mostly wearing blacked-out Puma evoSPEED boots. This was also the case against City.

At the moment, it's not clear which brand will pick up Falcao next, but Puma is an obvious front runner here. Next most likely is Nike, because Falcao laced up in regular, branded Mercurial Vapor cleats a few times in the earlier stages of the season.

Who do you think will get Falcao's signature? Drop us a line below, and see (almost) all boots the Colombian striker has ever worn in our Boot History feature.
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