Goodbye, Frank | Lampard's Insane Boot History

Frank Lampard yesterday announced that he retires from professional football. We take a look at all boot silos worn Frank Lampard during his career, ranging from such classic and iconic boots such as the Adidas Copa Mundial and Predator over boots from Reebok, Kappa and Puma to Adidas' X soccer cleat silo.

Frank Lampard's Switches Boots Like Socks in First Years - From Adidas to Kappa over Reebok to Puma

Here are some of the boots worn by Lampard during the first years of his career.

Frank Lampard started his senior career more than twenty years ago at West Ham. Playing five years for the club, Frank Lampard made his debut for the club in 1995 wearing a pair of well-worn Adidas Copa Mundial boots, while he switched between various different brands and boots in the following years - including many different Kappa, Reebok and Puma boots.

Frank Lampard Joins Chelsea - Wears Three Different Adidas Boot Silos for the Club

Here are some of the boots worn by Lampard in his years at Chelsea.

Frank Lampard wore boots from Adidas and Puma after he joined Chelsea in 2001. He played the first months for the club wearing Adidas Copa Mundial and classic Puma King soccer cleats, while he made the switch to the Adidas Predator in 2003. He laced up in Predator boots until Adidas launched their all-new Adipure silo, of which the Chelsea superstar became a face.

Frank Lampard Leaves Chelsea - Debuts Adidas X Boots

After Adidas discontinued the Adidas Adipure silo in Summer 2014, however, Frank Lampard did not make the switch to one of Adidas' two new boot silos but stayed true to the Adidas Adipure boots. He should wear them until his last match for Man City in May 2015. Making his debut for New York City FC, Man City's sister club, in August 2015, Lampard surprisingly did not lace up in his beloved Adidas 11pro boots but in the leather edition of the Adidas X 15, which he wore until the last match as professional in November 2016.

Did you knew that Frank Lampard laced up in so many different football boots during his career? Do you think there will be any other player in the future with such an outstanding boot history? Let us know in the comments below.
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