Is This Fan Design Better Than Nike's USA 2017 Third Kit?

Inspired and disappointed by Nike's effort for the new USA third kit, graphic designer Conrad Burry has come up with his own take on it.

USA 2017 Third Kit Concept

Based on Nike's ubiquitous Vapor template just like the original, this concept has a dark red body as well, but combines it with navy sleeves and white accents on the sides and back collar.

Last but not least, where the real USA 2017 third kit has a monochromatic shirt-shorts-socks combination, Burry's version has dark blue shorts that match the color-blocking sleeves to create a rich and inspired look all in all.

Burry's USA 2017 third kit concept is still doing the rounds on Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere, with many preferring it over the actual Nike one.

What do you think? Comment below, and check out more leaked jerseys here.
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