Juventus Goes American Football... Or Not?

Inspired by the Super Bowl, which will be played in Houston tomorrow, Juventus recently posted a club-inspired American football uniform featuring the new, highly controversial logo.

Juventus American Football Concept Kit

Made by Adidas, the jersey includes an odd interpretation of Juventus' classic black and white stripes. Predominantly black, the front is white with two black stripes and lots of blank space for the Adidas and Jeep logos, as well as the team name and numbering.

The new Juventus logo, which was unveiled recently too much complaints, is visible on the shoulders and the under shirt, as well as on the sides of the shorts and the helmet.

Surprising absolutely no-one, Juventus opted for the number 34 jersey, a subtle protest at the two league titles that where revoked for alleged max fixing - the official Serie A title count is 32.

Do you like this Juventus concept uniform for American football? Comment below, and check out leaked 2017-18 jerseys in the Kit Overview.
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