Logo vs Stripes - What Looks Better on the Adidas X PureChaos?

Barely a day goes by on which the Adidas X 16 (and 17, for that matter) is not criticized for the rather unusual logo placement on the outside and people wonder if it wouldn't look better with the Three Stripes instead of the Adidas logo. This is exactly what we want to take a look at in this post, using the three most recent launches of the X 16+. Thanks to Med for the idea.

Adidas X 16+ Blue Blast

Compare the two variants of the blue and pink Adidas X 16+ below.

Adidas X 16+ Checkered Black

Compare the standard and alternate Checkered Black pack Adidas X 16+ PureChaos below.

Adidas X 16+ Red Limit

Compare the regular and a three-stripe version of the Red Limit Adidas X 16+ PureChaos below.

Having seen three of these, which style do you prefer? Logo or stripes? Comment below.