Manchester City 17-18 Third Kit Leaked?

The new Manchester City 2017-18 third jersey is set to introduce a stunning design in dark grey and sky blue, set to be launched in late Summer 2017.

Manchester City 17-18 Third Kit Prediction

This is how @hendocfc predicts the Manchester City 2017-18 home shirt.

Jack Henderson's Man City 2017-18 jersey could well be the new Manchester City 2017-18 third kit. Very similar to the kit Man City wore in the 2012-13 away from home, the new Man City 17-18 third strip combines a grey base with light blue details.

However, what is more interesting about the new image of the new Manchester City 17-18 third shirt is not the color information (we already leaked that Manchester City's 17-18 third jersey will be grey and blue in December 2016), but the unique graphic print on the front. In fact, the graphic follows the same approach as the one we have already seen for Nike's Galatasaray 17-18 third jersey, while it is not known if the graphic print created by Jack Henderson's is based on actual info.

The new Manchester City 2017-2018 third kit is set to be launched in September 2017 together with Nike's other new third jerseys of the season, including those of Chelsea, Galatasaray and FC Barcelona.

Would you like the Manchester City 17-18 home kit to end up looking like this? Comment below.
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