Only One Brand? Here Is Di María's Full Boot History

Another high-profile player who celebrated his birthday yesterday was PSG and Argentina midfielder Angel Di María. And it was not a bad birthday for the now 29-year old midfielder as he scored two goals in PSG's Champions League triumph against Barcelona. We take a look at the boot history of a player who is closely connected to only one brand, Adidas.

Di María started his professional career as his youth club, Rosario Central

Angel Di Maria has already played for various of the biggest European clubs such as Real Madrid, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain. Boots-wise meanwhile, Di María never departed from the brand with which it all started, Adidas.

Starting out at his youth club Rosario Central which he joined at the age of four, Di María made his debut for his professional debut for his youth club wearing Adidas Predator boots.

In the years following his debut as professional, Di Maria never laced up in another boot than the Predator while playing for several different clubs. He wore various different generations of the control boot in that time, ranging from the Adidas Predator Absolute to the last generation of the cleat, the Adidas Predator Instinct.

When Adidas discontinued the Adidas Predator boot silo, the Argentinian was forced o say goodbye to his beloved boots and switched to Adidas' brand-new Adidas X football boot, which he should wear until today.

Do you think that Di María will stay true to the Three Stripes until the end of his career? Comment below.
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