Revealed: 75% of First 100 Invited App Users Bought The Adidas Glitch

The first sales statistics of the revolutionary Adidas Glitch football boot has been revealed, and the numbers are anything but bad for the Three Stripes.

75% Of First 100 Invited Adidas Glitch App Users Brought The Adidas Glitch Starter Pack

The Adidas Glitch starter pack includes one inner skin and two outer skins.

The Adidas Glitch football boot is the first-ever football boot to be sold exclusively in an App. Players do not only need an app, they also need a special invitation code in order to buy them. And of the first 100 App Users who received an invite 75% decided to buy the Glitch Starter Pack (consists of one inner skin and two outer skins - price: 250 GBP), which leads to an impressive 75% conversion rate.

However, it is fair to assume that Adidas has not sold hundred of thousands Glitch Starter Packs yet as the boot is only available to purchase in the UK yet, with all other parts of the world missing out yet. The app has also only be installed by 1000-5000 users on Android yet.

Has anybody of you got his hands on the new Adidas Glitch? Let us know in the comments below.
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