Watford Captain Shows Off Odd Adidas X 16 Boot Combo in Man Utd Premier League Clash

Watford's 28-year old striker Troy Deeney stood out in today's Premier League clash against Manchester United wearing an one-of-a-kind boot combination.

Troy Deeney Laces Up in Two Different Adidas X Boots With Rip-Off Collar

Close-up with Troy Deeney's boots.

Troy Deeney, who was named Watford captain ahead of the 2014-15 season when the club played in the Championship, laced up in two different Adidas X 16.1 editions at once. He chose the black and red Adidas X 16.1 from the Red Limit pack for the right foot and the blue and pink Adidas X 16.1 boot for his left foot. Interestingly, he cut the collar of his right boot, similar to other players such as Man Utd's Rashford.


It was not the first time that the English striker used this boot combination as he already laced up in Watford's previous match.

Have you ever worn two different colorways of the same boots? Let us know in the comments below, and watch out for Troy Deeney's cleats in the next days.