What if? Barcelona x Adidas + Real Madrid x Nike

What if Spain's two biggest clubs, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, where sponsored by their respective arch rival's brand - Barcelona by Adidas and Real Madrid by Nike? Let's find out.

FC Barcelona Adidas Concept Shirt

Inspired by the current Barcelona home jersey by Nike, which is blue with two broad red stripes on front and back, our Adidas Barcelona concept shirt is based on Adidas' current style.

Just like Nike has been doing for years now, we opted for yellow as accent color for this Adidas Barcelona concept jersey. It is used for the Adidas logo as well as for the brand's trademark stripes on the shoulders.

Real Madrid Nike Concept Shirt

The same criteria was applied for the Real Madrid Nike concept. Just like this season's Adidas jersey, it is kept very understated and smooth, which goes great with Nike's Vapor template.

Which one do you like more? Comment below, and check out all leaked 2017-18 jerseys in the Kit Overview.