Chicharito Leaves Nike - Switches to Old But White Adidas Boots

Update: Chicharito has switched to the white Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack boots after he surprisingly wore non-white boots (bold Blue Blast Adidas X 16.1) in Leverkusen's Champions League clash against Atlético. He previously had been wearing white Nike boots for several years.

Javier Hernández Debuts White Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack Boots

Update: Chicharito today debuted the Adidas X 16.1 Blue Blast pack boots. Chicharito also got a new hair cut as he lost a bet against a journalist. The boots were not included very likely, which makes it almost certain that he will join Adidas.

Javier Hernández Debuts Adidas X 16.1 Blue Blast Pack Football Boots

Former Man Utd and Real Madrid striker Javier Hernández is on the verge of leaving Nike, new pictures suggests. The Bayer Leverkusen striker has been lacing up in Nike football boots since several years, while he always laces up in white football boots, remarkably.

Javier Hernández Trains in Adidas X 16.1 Blue Blast Pack Football Boots

Chicharito wore the Adidas X 16.1 boots from the Blue Blast pack in training today.

Javier Hernández, who previously laced up in the white last-gen Nike Mercurial Superfly IV from the Radiant Reveal pack, yesterday out of nowhere switched to a non-customized version of the brand-new Adidas X 16.1 soccer cleats from the Blue Blast collection, making a move away from Nike possible.

However, it is anything but certain that the Mexican striker will leave Nike as it was he has not worn Adidas boots in an official match yet.

Make sure to watch out for Chicharito's boots in tonight's Champions League clash between Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Atlético Madrid.