Corinthians 17-18 Home, Away & Third Kits Revealed

Nike today released the new Corinthians 17-18 home and away kits. They honor the saint of the club, St. George. Nike's Corinthians 2017-18 third kit is expected to be launched in September.

Corinthians 17-18 Home Kit

This image shows the Nike Corinthians 2017-2018 home jersey.

Based on Nike's usual template, the Corinthians home shirt is white with black details and a tapered stripe down the center, which represents the sword of St. George.

Corinthians 17-18 Away Kit

This image shows the Corinthians 17-18 away shirt.

Predominantly black, the Corinthians 2017-2018 away jersey features white stripes in the same style as the home - wider at the top and thinner towards the hem.

The new Corinthians away shirt features white details on the collar and the date 13.10.1977 inside the collar, when the cub won the Brazilian championship after 23 years without a title.

Corinthians 17-18 Third Kit

This image shows the base design of the Corinthians 2017-18 third shirt, via @Teleco1910 and Eduardo Maffioletti.

Last but not least, the Corinthians 2017-2018 third jersey will be grey and red, based on Nike's global template.

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