Draxler Reveals All-New Laceless Adidas Nemeziz 360Agility Boots

You probably already know the boots, but there are nevertheless various things that make this spot interesting. First, it is the second time a player directly gives us a look at Adidas' all-new Nemeziz boot via Snapchat (even though it was not Draxler himself but his teammate). Second, it shows that Draxler will also switch to Adidas' laceless boots. Third, we get a good look at the lightweight sole plate of the boot.

Draxler Shows Off Blackout Next-Gen Adidas Laceless Nemeziz 360Agility Boots`

Here are two close-ups of the boots.

Blacked-out to hide what they are, it is nevertheless easy to see that Julian Draxler is holding a pair of the upcoming Adidas Nemeziz football boots in his hands even though he is a regular of the Adidas X currently.

Set to be launched in July 2017 to replace Messi's exclusive football boot silo, the Adidas Nemeziz 360Agility boot features a revolutionary bandage system for perfect lockdown without laces. The cleat also comes with a lightweight outsole. Check out all features of the Adidas Nemeziz 360Agility boots.

What do you think of the all-new Adidas Nemeziz 360Agility soccer cleats? Do you like that the boots will be Adidas' third silo to be worn by many of their best players after the Messi-exclusive silo was only worn by Messi and a few selected youngsters? Let us know in the comments below.
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