FAKE vs REAL Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl Boots

Ever wondered if fake football boots are as good as authentic ones? Counterfeit soccer cleats look very similar to the real product at first glance, but are they similar when it comes to the materials and tech features? Youtuber EIAL finds out what are the differences between the authentic and a fake version of the high-end Adidas Ace PureControl 17+ soccer boots.

Fake vs Real Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl Soccer Cleats - Comparison

EIAL takes us through the differences between the real and fake Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl soccer boots.

The look of the authentic and fake Adidas Ace PureControl soccer cleats is almost identical with only few elements such as the PureControl lettering on the heel area slightly off. Are the boots also as similar in terms of tech and materials?

At first glance, yes - but as soon as EIAL directly compares the different elements of the boots such as the flexibility it gets obvious that the fake Adidas Ace PureControl football boots can not keep up with the authentic Adidas Ace PureControl boots. The fake cleats are way to flexible, the material of the inner sole is not smooth at all and the fake cleats just have the look but not the tech of the Boost technology.


Another difference is that the fake Adidas Ace PureControl soccer boot is delivered in a standard Adidas shoe box, whereas the authentic one comes in a special Adidas box reserved for their best products.

However, EIAL has not tested the boots on feet yet, so we have to wait for his on feet review for a final verdict on the fake boots.

Have you ever thought about getting a fake boot or do you even have bought one? If so, let us know what were your experiences in the comments below.
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