Adidas Unveils the Short-Sleeve ZNE Zero Dye Hoodie

Continuing to innovate and respect the environment, Adidas Athletics today unveiled its new ZNE Zero Dye Hoodie in a fresh short-sleeve cut.

"As part of the adidas Athletics collection, the Z.N.E. Zero-Dye Hoodie isn't just a new product, it's authentic and pure."

If you ever wanted to look as swaggy as Paul Pogba while keeping things environmentally friendly, the ZNE Zero Dye hoodie is just what you need. With its off-white and black combo and short sleeves, you are certain to stand out in any crowd; you might even win over some bystanders for the cause.

Sustainable. Environmentally friendly. The conscious athlete not only cares about what happens on the pitch, court or field but also what takes place outside of the arena.

The Adidas ZNE Zero Dye hoodie will go on sale April 19th at a recommended retail price of €80.

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