UPDATE: Fined - Aubameyang Shows Off Nike Hypervenom Mask vs Schalke

Update: Borrussia Dortmund have confirmed that Aubameyang was fined for wearing a Nike-supplied mask in the club's last game. The fine was rumored to be €50,000 before.

Upon scoring his 24th Bundesliga goal of the season in the Derby against Schalke earlier today, Borussia Dortmund striker put on a custom mask. Now it has been confirmed that it was dedicated to the Nike Hypervenom Phantom "Strike Night" boots he was wearing.

Aubameyang Celebrates the Nike Hypervenom with Custom Mask

This image shows the unique mask worn by Aubameyang after scoring today.

Featuring the same colors as said Hypervenom, the mask also features a texture that resembles the one gracing the boots' upper. A stylized orange three, like what's used in advertising by Nike, is visible on each side. Last but not least, silver accents finish of a truly unique piece.

In case there were any doubts on the inspiration behind the mask, Nike released a short video that shows Aubameyang wearing it. Check it out below.

In conclusion, it even looks as if the mask was made out of an actual Hypervenom and the string bag that is included in the package.

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