Insane Kit Clash! Adidas Parley New York City FC vs Orlando City SC Kits Debuted

Adidas and Parley this week released four MLS kits to celebrate Earth Day and the MLS's Greener Goals initiative. Used in the matches between New York City FC vs Orlando City SC and LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders, the similar colors of each kit caused a massive kit clash.

Adidas Parley New York City FC and Orlando City SC On-Pitch Debut

Here are some images how TV viewers saw the match.

The Adidas Parley kit for New York City FC is grey, Orlando City's Parley is white. It was therefore hard to differ each team for players, referees and TV viewers, as we already predicted when the kits were released.

Interestingly, the kits of both teams looked much more different on the sketches MLS shared ahead of the match.

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