Liverpool 17-18 Home, Away & Third Kit Concepts by RedStarLvrpool

Liverpool was initially expected to release its new home kit quite early this year, in April - neither has this happened so far nor was a launch date confirmed by the club. Attempting to easy the wait is @RedStarLvrpool who created a set of Liverpool concept kits based on the info that's floating around in anticipation.

Liverpool 17-18 Home Kit Concept

Featuring a darker red than in recent seasons, the Liverpool home shirt concept mirrors what we know of the actual one. @RedStarLvrpool even created a custom crest to celebrate the 125th Anniversary, something that will also happen on the actual jersey.

Liverpool 17-18 Away Kit Concept

Again based on the most recent leaked info, the away is white with blue shoulders and sleeve tops, green NB and Liverpool logos and a black sponsor print.

Liverpool 17-18 Third Kit Concept

In line with home and away, the Liverpool third jersey concept is kept very simple and modern. It is orange with dark blue logos.

Would you be happy if these were the real Liverpool 2017-18 jerseys? Drop us a line below, and make sure to give the lad a follow on Twitter.
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