Adidas 2018 World Cup Prototype Boots Leaked?

We have come across a picture of two all-new, never-seen-before Adidas 2018 Prototype soccer boots. It is no known what exactly these two new Adidas 2018 football boots are, even though it is save to say that each boot is either a next-gen boot or an all-new boot silo.

First Prototype -Adidas X 18+ PureChaos 2018 World Cup Soccer Boot?

Here is the faux-laceless Adidas 2018 Prototype Soccer Boot.

Totally blackout to hide the final design of the boots, the faux-laceless Adidas 2018 prototype football boot looks like a mixture of the unreleased Adidas Nemeziz football boots and the Adidas X PureChaos football boot. The boot features laces that are hidden under an extra layer and an inner sock that is directly connected to the upper. The synthetic upper comes with differently dots one some areas for more control.

It is most likely that the pictures are showing a prototype of the next-generation Adidas X 18+ PureChaos 2018 World Cup soccer cleat, which is not expected to be released before Summer 2018. In fact, Adidas has not even released the next-generation Adidas X 17+ PureChaos boot yet, which is set for a release in early June 2017.

Second Prototype - Adidas X 18.1 2018 World Cup Cleat?

This could be a blackout Adidas X 18.1 prototype boot.

Looking similar to the Adidas X 17.1 football boot, the second new blackout Adidas 2018 prototype soccer cleat is not as interesting as the first one. The boot comes with a traditional lacing system and a tongue-less design. The upper features small dots, similar to the other new 2018 Adidas prototype boot.

Do you know what exactly these boots are? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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