EXCLUSIVE: Adidas to Release Limited-Edition Predator Precision Remake

Having only just launched the Predator Mania in the form of a very limited remake, Adidas is set to bring back another iconic Predator from its back catalog in the form of the Precision. Launched in time for Euro 2000, the Adidas Predator Precision was worn by joint tournament top scorer Patrick Kluivert, David Trezeguet, David Beckham and many more in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Adidas Predator Precision 2017 Remake

This image shows the most traditional colorway of the Adidas Predator Precision.

via SoccerCleats101

It's not known which colorway Adidas will release the Predator Precision in, but it's all but confirmed that it'll be the "default" black and red which, after all, was also the one Adidas initially re-released the 1994, 1998 and 2002 models in. Predominantly black, the Adidas Predator Precision features enormous stripes on the out and inside, a red collar and tongue and a white sole plate with either red (FG) or metallic (SG) studs.

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Besides the launch colorway, Adidas also released the Predator Precision in silver, white and dark blue.

No details on the features of the 2017 Adidas Predator Precision remake are known as of now, but it can be seen as very likely that Adidas will once again turn towards synthetic leather and a contemporary sole plate, as seen on both the 2014 Revenge pack and the 2017 Predator Mania Champagne.

via DLBootroom

The original Adidas Predator Precision featured kangaroo-leather, a fold-over tongue with a velcro strap and a sole plate with bladed studs.

The exact release date of the Adidas Predator Precision soccer boots is also not known as of now, but it's been confirmed that they will drop in the third quarter of 2017, i.e. between June and September. The RRP should be $330 again.

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