Adidas To Downgrade AC Milan Kit Deal

Italian newspaper La Repubblica today reports that Adidas wants to renegotiate their sponsorship deal with former Italian giants AC Milan that was signed for 10 years in 2013. The current Adidas AC Milan kit deal is worth about 20 million Euro per season until 2023.

Adidas to Renegotiate 2023 AC Milan Kit Deal

La Repubblica reports that Adidas would want to revise downward the contract with Milan as the negative results of the team have flatten the sales of Adidas AC Milan gear. Milan, who ranks 16th place among the top European clubs in terms of shirt sales, last season just sold 200,000 jerseys. Juventus, who get 23 million Euro from Adidas per season, sold twice as much. Therefore, Adidas wants to renegotiate the contract with Milan.

It is not known if the Three Stripes will be able to revise downward the current deal as both parties have a valid contract until 2023.

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