Xbox to Lose FIFA 18 Legends to PlayStation

A leaked photo from an early FIFA 18 event suggests that Playstation is set to replace Xbox as official partner for EA Sports FIFA. This would be a massive move for Playstation as it would most likely finally make the Ultimate Team Legends available on the console.

FIFA 18 to Partner with Playstation?

This is the photo that was posted by Polish YouTuber Oskar “Junajted” Siwiec on Facebook.

The picture is blank for the most part, due to the lack of a cover star and shows the FIFA 18 logo at its center. In the upper left corner is the PS4 Pro logo. It might seem inconspicuous at first, but given Microsoft's exclusive deal with FIFA, which, by the way, expired on March 31, all official FIFA posters, promotional images and videos in recent years featured the Xbox logos.

This 'leak' is by no means a confirmation of the Ultimate Team Legends leaving Xbox for Playstation, but it has to be said that there were rumors that said Playstation was interested in a partnership with FIFA before.

Would you be glad to see Ultimate Team Legends come to Playstation 4 for FIFA 18? Drop us a line below and stay tuned as this story evolves.
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