In Detail | White / Blue Limited-Edition 'Commemorative' Liverpool 17-18 Away Jersey Released

Update: We have added some close-up pictures of the special-edition New Balance 'Commemorative' 17-18 away jersey which features blue instead of green, inspired by Liverpool's first-ever light blue striped kits. Pictures via Enjoyz.

In addition to the standard Liverpool 17-18 away kit, which features 'Bottle Green' striping on the front, New Balance also launched a special edition of the same design featuring blue lines instead of green ones to celebrate Liverpool's 125th anniversary.

Liverpool 17-18 Commemorative Away Jersey

This image shows the commemorative (left) next to the standard Liverpool 2017-18 away shirt.

As written above, the commemorative Liverpool 2017-2018 away jersey is essentially the same as the regular one, with green switched in favor of blue.

This is just speculation, but we've been told that the reason for New Balance making this such a limited release is that club and brand feared backlash over the use of blue. Blue is used because it's the color of the first-ever Liverpool jersey, but it's Everton's color as well, after all.

It's only produced in the 'Elite' version and retails at £90 ($120). It's available in a limited run of 1,892.

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