Full Puma One Boots Overview - Leaked Chrome vs 17.1 vs 17.2 vs 17.3 vs 17.4

Puma some days ago revealed their all-new One football boot, replacing the evoSPEED and evoTOUCH. We want to give you a full overview of the Puma One football boots versions ahead of the official retail launch on June 23, including a special high-end Chrome edition that has not been unveiled yet.

Puma One Chrome

Swapping the kangaroo leather with a lightweight and flexible synthetic upper, the Puma One Chrome is definitively the most interesting looking Puma On version. It features the same evoKNIT sock and sole plate as the standard model. The Puma One Chrome will be launched in Fall 2017 as limited edition.

Price: 275 USD, 225 GBP, 275 Euro

Puma One 17.1

The version worn by players such as Hector Bellerin and Antonie Griezmann, the Puma One 17.1 features a premium Kangaroo leather upper, an evoKNIT sock and a lightweight and reactive Pebax sole plate.

Price: 200 USD, 160 GBP, 200 Euro

Puma One 17.2

The second-best leather version of the Puma One football boots features a non-knitted Spandex sock and a premium Taurus leather upper. The Puma One 17.2 features the same outsole as the best versions, the Puma One Chrome and the Puma One 17.1

Price: 120 USD, 100 GBP, 120 Euro

Puma One 17.3

The Puma One 17.3 features a leather upper in the touch area, a Spandex sock and a synthetic rear area. The differences between the Puma One 17.2 and the Puma One 17.3 are the following: leather is only in the touch area, thicker and less flexible Spandex sock, thicker and less flexible rear area.

Price: $80, 70 GBP, 80 Euro

Puma One 17.4

The worst and cheapest boot of the collection, the Puma One 17.4 is the only boot without any leather (except the Chrome). The Puma One 17.4 comes with a standard synthetic upper and a standard sole plate.

Price: 50 USD, 45 GBP, 50 Euro

Which Puma One football boot version would you choose? Leave a comment below, and check out all the latest soccer cleat leaks and releases in the Boot Calendar.
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