Outstanding Nagoya Grampus 25th Anniversary Kits Released

Japan's Nagoya Grampus and Mizuno, official supplier, have released a set of iconic kits to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the club's creation.

Nagoya Grampus 1992-2017 Anniversary Kit

This is the special Nagoya Grampus 25th Anniversary jersey.

Closely recreating the jersey worn in the inaugural season, the Nagoya Grampus 25th Anniversary shirt is red with a white panel on the front, border by a yellow stripe at the top and a black one at the bottom.

The Mizuno logo and the old club logo, featuring the eponymous dolphin more prominently than the contemporary one, are positioned at the very top of the jersey.

Faithful to the original, player names are not displayed on the anniversary shirt, but fans will be able to choose a number from 0 to 99 to feature on the back in the classic font.

Nagoya Grampus 25th Anniversary Goalkeeper Kit

This is the goalkeeper shirt.

A piece of art, the goalkeeper jersey combines lots of different colors in a garish graphic design.

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