Outstanding Dark Purple / Pink Adidas Glitch 17 Terraskin Released

Adidas today launched the already twenty first Adidas Glitch 17 outer skin. Part of the Adidas Glitch Terraskin collection, these new Adidas Glitch football boots were already debuted by England's U-21 midfielder John Swift on Monday.

Second Adidas Glitch 17 Terraskin Outer Skin

This is the twenty-first Adidas Glitch 17 outer skin.

Mixing dark purple and pink, this new Adidas Glitch 17 outer skin is one of the most remarkable Adidas Glitch boot released yet. They are mocking the foundations of football footwear and 'old-fashioned' laces concept with a laced print design on the upper, creating a unique graphic. The Three Stripes are white.

The new dark purple, pink and white Adidas Glitch 17 Terraskin is exclusively available in the Adidas Glitch app in London and Berlin (new).

What do you think of these Adidas Glitch 17 soccer shoes? Let us know in the comments below.
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