Pepe Shows Off Never-Seen-Before Custom Next-Gen Boots

Portuguese defender Pepe has trained in an unreleased Umbro football boot ahead of Portugal's 2018 World Cup qualifiers match against Latvia. Pepe has been wearing the first-gen Umbro Medusae football boot silo since some months so, and his new blackout boots are the second generation of the control boot.

Pepe Trains In Never-Seen-Before Next-Gen Umbro Medusae II Football Boots

Close-up with the boots worn by Pepe in training last week.

Boasting a stealth look, it is easy to spot that Pepe's blackout football boots are the next-generation of the Umbro Medusae as they feature the same remarkable design on the upper as the leaked Umbro Medusae II football boot. However, Pepe's blackout Umbro Medusae 2 soccer boots are different to the leaked Umbro Medusae II...

Knitted Umbro Medusae II Football Boot

Whereas the standard version of the next-generation Umbro Medusae football boots comes with a knitted rear area with a collar and Kangaroo leather in the touch area, the Umbro Medusae 2 football boot worn by Pepe seems to be entirely made of leather.

The sole plate of the Umbro Medusae II football boot worn by Pepe is the same as the standard edition and the same as the one of the first generation.

The Umbro Medusae 2 football boot will be released in the coming weeks, while Pepe's full-leather version is expected to be exclusive to the Portuguese.

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