Better Than Adidas and Nike: Under Armour Icon Customization Service Launched

Without much fanfare, Under Armour recently launched its customization service, called UA Icon, to rival miadidas and NikeID. Compared to the competition, UA's service allows for a much more sophisticated and detailed level of personalization, including the ability to upload a picture to be printed directly onto the shoes.

Currently in a sort of beta phase, UA Icon offers three models, among which is a football boot in the form of the ClutchFit Force 3.0. The UA Icon customized version of the model retails at $250, compared to regular colorways at $230.

UA Icon ClutchFit Force 3.0

Check out what's possible with UA Icon and the ClutchFit Force 3.0 below.

The first round of shoes created using UA Icon will ship from mid-July, according to Under Armour. UA Icon is currently only available in the US.

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