10 Different Templates | All-New New Balance 17-18 Teamwear Kits Released

After we showed off the New Balance Sash Teamwear Jersey yesterday, we want to give you a full overview of the all-new New Balance 2017-2018 Teamwear collection. The New Balance 17-18 Teamwear Jersey collection includes 9 different player kits and one goalkeeper jersey, with plenty different customization options available for each kit.

There are already some famous teams such as Standard Ligue that are using New Balance's all-new Teamwear jerseys. However, there are almost no less popular teams, lower-tier teams and amateur teams that are using New Balance Football Teamwear kits yet, while many clubs wear standard Teamwear kits from Adidas, Nike, Puma and other brands,

New Balance 2017 Teamwear Jersey Collection

There are endless different Teamwear kits available as each jersey can be customized using different colors, names and logos.

New Balance Pro Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Graphic Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Stripe Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Pitch Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Panel Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Sash Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Hoop Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Ringer Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Brighton Teamwear Jersey

New Balance Goalkeeper Teamwear Jersey

Each of the New Balance Teamwear jerseys (prices between 60 USD - Pro and 30 USD - Ringer) is available as short sleeve and long sleeve version (+ 5 USD). It is expected that New Balance will add new styles in 2018, while each jersey of the current collection should be available until 2018 at least, similar as the Teamwear kits of other brand where each template has a lifespan of around three seasons.

New Balance also offers three different short templates as well as socks in 12 different colors.

What do you think of New Balance's Teamwear offering? Let us know in the comments below.
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