Adidas Slashes Glitch Price

It's fair to say that the hype around the Adidas Glitch has died down a bit recently after it debuted to much acclaim late last year.

Perhaps as a reaction to this, Adidas has supplied its official social influencers with Glitch codes that are not only unlimited in use (initially a code was only valid for one transaction) but also include a GBP 70 discount off the GBP 320 (previously GBP 250) starter pack. This just about equals 20%.

If you didn't know, an Adidas Glitch starter pack includes two outer skins and one inner shoe to get things started smoothly. To start your own Glitch journey, just download the app and make sure you are in Germany or the UK.

Do you think the Adidas Glitch is a more viable option at GBP 180? Drop us a line below.

Update: This move is part of an array of changes introduced by Adidas recently, which not only made the boot available to anyone based in the UK but also increased the default price of the start pack to GBP 320. Subsequently, the new 'discount' only brings it back to the previous level.
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