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Adidas VfL Osnabrück 17-18 Home & Away Kits Released

German 3. Liga team VfL Osnabrück yesterday revealed their new shirts for the 2017-18 season. The new Osnabrück 2017-2018 kits introduce bespoke designs.

Osnabrück 2017-2018 Jerseys

These are the new VfL Osnabrück 2017-18 home, away and goalkeeper shirts.

The new VfL Osnabrück 17-18 home kit combines the traditional colors of the club, purple and white. It has a modern v-collar with the founding year of the club, '1899', on the back.

Based on the same template as the home shirt, the new Osnabrück 17-18 away kit is buff with purple applications. The colors are inspired by the colors of SC Rapid Osnabrück, who rejoined VfL Osnabrück in 1938 after they separated some years before.

The new VfL Osnabrück 17-18 keeper shirts are orange / purple and yellow / purple.

What do you think of the new VfL Osnabrück 17-18 shirts? Let us know in the comments below.