Atlético Madrid 17-18 Cup Font Revealed

Despite La Liga introducing a new all-for-one font starting next season, Atlético Madrid has created a brand-new custom font which it debuted in a friendly in Mexico recently and will wear (at least) in the Champions League.

Atlético 17-18 Cup Font

This image shows the new Atletico Madrid font for the Champions League and possibly the Spanish cup.

A much thinner design than the new Liga font, the Atletico typeface doesn't feature any sort of border and sees the club crest placed at the very bottom of each numeral.

It remains to be seen whether the new custom font will be used in the cup as well or only in the Champions League. The same applies for whether it will be possible to buy replica jerseys with the cup typeface.

Do you prefer the custom font over the league-wide one? Drop us a line below.
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