Germany Signs Record Volkswagen Sponsorship Deal

Update: German football federation (DFB) today announced that Volkswagen will become the main sponsor of the German national football teams from 2019. The new Volkswagen DFB deal is valid for five years until 2024 (reported to be worth 25-30 million Euro / year) and includes also the sponsorship of the DFB Pokal.

DFB Announce Volkswagen Deal

DFB President Reinhard Grindel said: "We are very pleased to have Volkswagen as a mobility partner at our side from 2019. It is a good fit for the DFB that VW's commitment to the entire football from the top to the bottom like many regional and local partnerships of the VW dealerships with amateur clubs.

"At the same time, Volkswagen is a strong partner in the international market, particularly in China, with a significant increase in revenues through the new contract More scope to fulfill the diverse tasks of the association and to implement the non-profit purposes even more sustainably."

German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) exclusively reports that Volkswagen will replace Mercedes as important sponsor of the German national football team. Mercedes has been associated with the German football federation since 45 years.

Volkswagen to Become New German National Team Sponsor

According to FAZ's report, Volkswagen will pay the German football federation between 25 and 30 million Euro per year to become the car sponsor (besides Adidas) of the German national football team and the DFB Pokal. The new deal also includes the car sponsorship of the German DFB Pokal, which is sponsored by Volkswagen since 2012 (6 million Euro / season).

Mercedes currently pays around 8 million Euro / year to be the official car sponsor of the German national team and has also its logo printed on the Germany training and pre-match kits next to the Adidas branding as part of the agreement. The new deal will likely see the Volkswagen logo placed on Germany's training kits.

In example, the English Football Association receives £6m a year from carmakers Vauxhall currently, while the contract would be not expired beyond 2018. The new Germany Volkswagen deal would be Germany's next record-breaking deal as they also have the most valuable kit sponsorship deal after they extended the contract with Adidas for 50 million / year until 2022.

A Daimler spokesman said: "We would very much like to continue working with the national team. The partnership with the DFB was successful and could be also successful in the future. "

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