Arsenal x Spurs, Bayern x Dortmund, Celtic x Rangers - #KitSwap Concepts by MainManRamsey

The legend that is @MainManRamsey recently started a series called "kit swap" where he takes two rival teams' kit templates and swaps them over.

Arsenal vs Tottenham KitSwap

The first teams honored to be part of the series where Arsenal and Tottenham. Here, the former gets the Nike Vapor treatment, while Spurs receive a really clean design courtesy of Puma.

Bayern vs Dortmund KitSwap

Next up are the two Bundesliga powerhouses that are Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. It has to be said that, taking into account how odd it is in Dortmund colors, the BVB 17-18 jersey looks even stranger in red and white. Yellow and black works great with the 3 Stripes on the shoulders and pinstripes on the front.

Celtic vs Rangers KitSwap

Finally, MainManRamsey also created a kit swap for Celtic and Rangers. Here, the respective rival team's brand works really well for both sides of Glasgow.

Do you prefer any of these over the regular jersey? Drop us a line below.
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