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'Legend Ink / Solar Yellow' Adidas X 17 Boots Leaked

Offering a more understated alternative compared to the bright yellow Ocean Storm colorway, Adidas is set to launch a predominantly dark blue X 17.1 soccer cleat colorway next month.

Adidas X 17.1 - Legend Ink / Solar Yellow

This is the 'Legend Ink' Adidas X 17.

Reverting the colors of the Ocean Storm edition, this Adidas X 17.1 is predominantly 'Legend Ink' with a polka-dot pattern in 'Solar Yellow' that fades towards the edges. The sole plate is dark blue yellow studs.

Adidas X 17.1 - Features

  • One-piece techfit compression upper
  • NSG (Non-Stop Grip) upper texture
  • Sprintframe outsole
  • Chaos stud alignment

Set to be released in August, the dark blue and yellow Adidas X 17.1 cleats retail at 200 USD (220 EUR, 180 GBP).

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