Ready For The Match Away Against Southampton - Liverpool Debut 17-18 Third Kit

Liverpool today gave their new 2017-18 third jersey is on-pitch debut. Boasting a fluo-orange design, New Balance's new Liverpool FC third jersey definitely stood out from the kit.

Liverpool Debut 2017-18 Third Shirt

When we leaked Liverpool's new new home (red), away (white / green / black) and third kit (orange), their fans and kit connoisseurs asked whether the kit would be different enough to the home kit for games against red / white teams such as Southampton. After the on-pitch debut, it is safe to say that Liverpool's kit offers enough contrast to such kits, at least for Premier League's kit usual kit regulation (you never know if UEFA is happy with a kit, however).

Liverpool also received matching pre-match shirts and Polos for the bright orange third kit.

What do you think of the on-pitch impression of the new Liverpool 2017-18 third kit? Do you think it offers enough contrast to the home jersey? Let us know in the comments below.
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