Liverpool Launches 1892 Retro Long Sleeve Shirt

One for the true traditionalists out there, Liverpool has released a pretty accurate replica of the club's first-ever jersey, as worn soon after it was founded back in 1892.

Liverpool 1892 Retro Shirt

This is the retro shirt released by Liverpool to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Celebrating its 125th anniversary this summer, Liverpool already explored the inspiration of its early, half-and-half jerseys with the design of the new 2017-18 away. Here, however, things are taken a lot more seriously, resulting in a pretty much direct representation of what was worn back in the late 19th century.

The shirt has sky blue and white halves, with the half-and-half design continued onto the sleeves, the cuffs and its traditional polo collar. Additionally, it features a red embroidery of the 1892 crest, found on the clubs early documents to create a unique look that's as close to the original as possible.

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