Ready For The Bundesliga? Hannover 96 Kits Rip Apart Like Paper

Some days ago, we reported that Russian club Rubin Kazan would not be happy with the quality of German brand Jako and would therefore leave the small brand for New Balance. Now several Jako kits of recently promoted Bundesliga team Hannover 96 ripped apart like paper in the a pre-season friendly.

Jako Hannover 96 Jerseys Rip Apart Like Paper In Pre-Season Friendly

Pictures via Sportbuzzer.

In Hannover's 5-2 victory against Weiche Flensburg, the white Hannover 96 17-18 third kit jerseys (which were carried over from last season) of Noah Sarenren-Bazee, Matthias Ostrzolek, Iver Fossum and Niclas Füllkrug tore at the seams of the shoulder. Sarenren-Bazee had only one scrap at the end.

"Better in the test than in the Bundesliga, but of course that is not good for us," said Christoph Romer, sports sponsoring manager at Jako. "We have a guess as to why this happened, but can not answer that yet seriously".

He continued: "The defect lies in the material or in the subsequent treatment. In the meantime, Jako tested the goods, which the club already wore last season and made new tear tests. There was nothing negative."

It is nothing new that kits sometimes rip apart like paper as Switzerland and Puma infamously happened the same in the Euro 2016 against France last summer.

What are your experiences with kits of different brands? Have you experienced something like that? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.