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Seven Times As Expensive Because Of Two Logos? Spanish Club Cadiz Is Attacked For 17-18 Kit Prices

Spanish Segunda División this week released their new Adidas jerseys for the 2017-18 season. However, a few hours after the release, a fan realized that he could get the new Cadiz 17-18 third jersey for one seventh of the price (without Cadiz's logo) and decided to publish his detection on Twitter. His Tweet with the writing "And so, my son, is how the business of football" became viral.

Each of the new Adidas Cádiz 17-18 jerseys retails at 70 Euro. But while the home and away kits are unique for the club and therefore not available as Teamwear jersey, Cadiz CF's new pink third kit is the same as Adidas' Estro 15 Teamwear shirt, which is available for as less as 9.24 Euro.

Cadiz CF 2017-18 Home Kit

This is the new Cádiz CF 17-18 home shirt.

The new Adidas Cádiz CF 2017-18 home kit boasts a modern design in yellow and blue. It is based on the premium Adidas Condivo 16 Teamwear shirt with unique colors for the club.

Cadiz CF 2017-2018 Away Kit

This is the new Cadiz 17-18 away shirt.

A miteam design, the new Cadiz CF 2017-2018 away kit features a stylish design in blue with a yellow Sash.

Cadiz 17-18 Third Kit

This is Cadiz's new 2017-2018 third strip.

The kit Cadiz got heavily criticized for is the pink third shirt. Based on the Adidas Estro 15 jersey, the new Cadiz CF 17-18 third jersey just adds the La Liga badge and a Cadiz logo to the bargain Teamwear shirt.

Interestingly, the retail price of the Adidas Condivo 16 Teamwear shirt used for the home kit is 50 Euro, while Cadiz's 17-18 home kit costs fans 70 Euro. The retail price of the Adidas Estro 15 Teamwear shirt is 19 Euro, while the Cadiz kit costs fans 70 Euro. One pretty fair and one pretty unfair deal for fans.

Which other teams are selling Teamwear shirts for multiple times more than the Teamwear jersey? Let us know in the comments below.