Stylo Matchmakers Steals Adidas and Nike Sole Plates

Stylo Matchmakers, one of the most iconic brands of football boots celebrates its return to the market recently. Following up on the initial announcement late last year, the brand has finally launched a first few versions of its Heirship 17 model. And they are interesting in more than one way.

The 2017 Stylo Matchmakers football boots have a microfiber upper with ridges not unlike those found on the Nike Mercurial Superfly V and Vapor XI. So far, no straight-up steal, though.

This changes when we take a look at the sole plate. At least two of those, the HG (pictured above) and the one used on the junior version (below, not yet on sale), are directly stolen from the Nike Mercurial Vapor X and the 2014 Adidas F50 Adizero, respectively. The latter even has a micoach slot, a feature Adidas has discontinued since - complete with the Matchmakers branding.

Topping it off, Matchmakers sent out the Tweet below. Sometimes silence really is golden.

What do you think? Just inspired or a blatant patent infringement? Comment below.
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