Update: The "Stolen" Crests of World Football

Update: Proving that this topic is as relevant as ever before, new Indian team Kerala Evergreen entered the scene with a crest that's more than just similar to that of Bray Wanderers.

There are many iconic crests in football. The likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United are instantly recognizable and teams such as Juventus and Manchester City will hope their more recently adapted logos will reach the same level of fame soon enough.

However, ever since team badges have existed, there have been copycat attempts, mostly by smaller teams. Below you find a selection, by no means complete, of more or less obviously "stolen" crests in football, via reddit.

Barcelona - Forest Green Rovers (old)

Arsenal - Gunners Harare

Ireland - Israel

Juventus (old) - Galo Maringá

Inter - New York City FC

KRC Genk (old) - Karachi United

Do you know other stolen crests? Let us know in the comments below.